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CCTV systems in Houston

In today’s world, an individual or business owner needs to take the necessary steps to protect themselves, their family and their investments. While many opt for a full security system, which is always a good idea, the addition of security cameras can help to record any/all activities that take place in and around a specific area. Security cameras are not only designed for outside use, but are also commonly indoors.

Affordable CCTV systems

Video security is becoming more widespread everyday as a means of keeping track of employees, locations, entryways, and more. Originally designed to monitor safety concerns, video security is continually evolving making it the ideal solution for many types of businesses. Businesses use video security systems to monitor employees, to trigger alerts in case of fire or motion, and to watch over entrances to buildings. Video security is also used in retail stores to reduce shoplifting and in financial institutions and convenience stores as a deterrent to robbery. Parking lots and garages, remote areas at any business are popular areas to locate video security.

Why digital video security?

There are four basic reasons why people want to use a digital video security system:

•To help IDENTIFY perpetrators
•To help PREVENT accidents or wrongdoing
•To help PROTECT people and property
•To help OBSERVE processes

The core components

The basic components of video security systems are a security camera, a display monitor, and a recorder. In a large system, of course, there can be a number of security cameras with multiplexers, time lapse VCRs and monitors. Today, however, much of this analog multiplexing and tape recording equipment has been replaced by digital video recorders (DVRs).

Easy to use and maintain

The average DVR system for homes and small businesses have user friendly interfaces that have no steep learning curve. DVR setups typically come with a thorough manual that you can read through to learn more about how the DVR actually works and functions.

Connect anywhere

Your safety blanket doesnt stop at the walls of your home or business anymore! A complete state-of-the-art digital video security system will include quality CCD cameras connected to a digital video recorder system. With advanced network and connectivity features you can connect to and view your DVR system from any computer that has an internet connection!

This setup allows for password-protected viewing of live and recorded video at the DVR and/or from a PC or PDA connected to the internet or to a LAN.

The ease of operation, clear picture, and reliability of DVRs is better then ever. Now, with mass production, DVRs are more affordable for homes and small business owners in Houston!


"We have worked with WesTec Services on a couple of projects in the past, so it was no surprise to us that they met and exceeded our expectations again on our CCTV upgrade project. Westec was able to suggest products that would fit us the best rather than just trying to up sell us. They provided and installed a system that was usable to everyone. Our new CCTV system has changed the way we do business. We can view our cameras any where via the internet, and have doubled our recording capacity."
Chris Schenck
Schenck and Company
IT Coordinator, Fleet Manager

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